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To our clients, we offer a highly effective means of identifying and attracting top quality people from the IT job market. We have comprehensive and extensive means of finding best fit candidates from around the region for our clients. These include a large database of IT professionals, wide circle of contacts, intimate knowledge of the industry and its players, and whenever necessary, advertisements.

We have successfully placed numerous IT professionals in varying roles from developers, business analysts, system administrators, database administrators to regional/global CIOs. We are strong in sourcing talents in specialized expertise such as IT security, SAP-PeopleSoft and Siebel. In the past, we have demonstrated that we are not only competent in recruiting selected positions but assist our clients in building an IT team. We offer our clients a good understanding of their business, culture and structure. Our knowledge extends beyond IT but also the client’s industry and industry standards. In addition, most of our consultants are IT trained and are highly competent in evaluating and communicating with the prospective candidates. All of which are translated into fast and fruitful searches.

We offer our IT and Executive search services on a contingent basis. If you are a hiring manager or HR executive, call us for a discussion regarding our services and terms.
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