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We are a one stop quality services provider of human resourcing and projects services for the IT as well as banking and financial services industry. Our range of services is comprehensive and includes IT and Executive search services, consultancy services and project outsourcing.

Industry Specialization

Tangspac Consulting was founded in 1994 in Singapore. Since then, we have grown into a regional enterprise with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and China. With over 13 years dedicated to this industry, our experience is second to none. In 1994, we started by focusing on delivering excellent services in IT search and consulting for banks and other corporations. Our knowledge of the banking industry and its players inevitably led us to develop and excel also in the executive (non-IT) banking search space.
Our Expertise
We have enjoyed much success in serving various corporations, MNCs, banks and financial institutions with their human resource capital needs. This has come about because of our industry specialization, our quality of work, our value added services, our expertise and experience and our client centric philosophy. We are nimble by design and possess the least corporate encumbrances for our abilities. We maintain great flexibility in order to best support our clients.

Our company results have been growing from year to year in a definitely upward trend. Our group wide annual turnover for Search and Professional Services/Secondment alone is close to SGD 20 Million.

If you are a job seeker, do find out what we have in store at the moment. We invite you to send your CV to us for our database. You will be contacted when a suitable opportunity comes up.

If you are a Human Resource Manager or a hiring manager, contact us directly to see how we can be of service to you. Do call us to discuss how we can better and lighten your challenges.

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